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10-Nov-2017 21:49

The music was also laughably generic — okay, sometimes I get the castle theme stuck in my head.

Everything about it was so atrocious that I actually feel bad talking about it, since somewhere out there is a handful of people who were probably very proud to work on it. It's also pretty fun to revisit today, if only for a glimpse into the obscure world of early '90s PSX games.

Before mainstream games embraced hyperrealism, there was more freedom to create weird worlds where logic could be thrown out the window in favor of fun physical challenges and loads of secrets and collectibles that kept players busy exploring — not to mention all the loud and cartoonish mascots that came out of them.While I’m getting away with sneaking not-quite-3D-platformers on this list, let’s talk Little Big Adventure.This game and its sequel were highlights of my early PC gaming days and seeing its weird isometric pseudo-3D world recreated for the modern era is probably one of the few times I’d let my personal nostalgia get the best of me.Whether you need your cartoonish mascot-driven ‘90s platformers to look that sharp is up to you, but it’s pretty clear that old-school Spyro fans want something new and shiny from the series, which is good to hear considering the recent report that we'll be seeing a remastered trilogy later in 2018.

Should it come back: Crash got remastered, so it’s only fair.this smug-looking gecko (voiced by comedian Dana Gould) used to serve as the mascot for Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind Legacy of Kain and the gritty Tomb Raider reboots. You either have a nostalgic (perhaps ironic) fondness for Gex’s constant and often perverted wise-cracking or you harbor some genuine disdain for the shades-wearing lizard. Jersey Devil is a video game that IGN gave a 5/10 in 1998.For most of us who grew up with the original Play Station, it’s probably some combination of both. We called it “the ultimate bland platformer,” which is not very high praise.A student game called Zineth was a joyful tribute from a few years back, a reminder of how much we’d love to see another full-scale Jet Set Radio sequel. Jumping Flash, originally created as a tech demo for the Play Station in 1994, holds a world record for being the first platformer in “true 3D.” It wasn’t only genuinely fun and impressive as an early 3D platformer, but one of those extremely early Play Station-era games that managed to be so expressive and weird that it’s still admired by many today.

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