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Dana and her friend Bernice (Ami Foster), go to a seedy nightclub to hear a folk singer perform.But they don't know what to do when some of the bar's regulars, including "Psycho" (Anthony Mangano), get a little too rough with them. The attempt at family bonding doesn't go well at first; Frank's truck goes into the lake, so the family must wait for the Ranger to make his weekly check.The two agree to switch assignments, but Brendan prods their consciences. Frank and Carol decide to enter the newly-blended family into the "Port Washington Games," but the Lambert kids object since the Fosters aren't very athletic, and the Fosters find the games too barbaric.Eventually the Fosters decide to participate, but even with predictable results, they keep the Lamberts close, and Karen ties things up in the pie-eating contest because her competition cannot eat around her.Steve reinforces that point and convinces Al to ask him to the school dance, where she tells off her originally-planned date and learns to "Do the Urkel".This episode picks up where the Family Matters episode "Brains Over Brawn" leaves off, with Steve's jet-pack sending him out of Chicago. Carol's household-management style drives the Lamberts crazy, particularly the rule about having to cash in special tokens to watch only 30 minutes of TV, and a 6-hour-a-week restriction.

They try to get along during a Monopoly game, but before long the paper money is flying. He asks Cody to help him find it, but Cody didn't know about the new car, so he brings back their old one. Then Dana suddenly suffers from "driver fear" and he tries to reassure her.Eventually, Cody provides the family some much-needed help in the final tug-of-war event, and the Fosters and the Lamberts emerge victorious!Note: Cody Lambert (Sasha Mitchell) becomes a recurring character until the end of the first season.The clown Carol hired cancels at the last minute and Frank hastily steps in, but he doesn't have time to change out of the costume before the ceremony because the reverend (Bryan O'Byrne) must rush to catch a flight.

Meanwhile, Cody enjoys Yo-Yo the clown because he saw him several years ago.

Luckily Cody shows up and protects Dana until Frank (who had forbidden her to go) and Carol arrive. Eventually everyone gains an appreciation for each other.