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But as Amelia starts to believe that Steven might harm her younger sibling in similar ways, she unburdens herself of her awful secret.

In this instance, William Hanley's screenplay focuses on a suburban middle-class family called the Bennetts.When David, a widower with a teenaged son, marries Vicki, who is divorced and has a teenaged daughter, it's sure to be a happy family. See full summary » Story of the model who was assaulted that left her face disfigured.It begins when she comes to New York City and would get work as a model. See full summary » Based on a true story, The Brady family fight to adopt a little girl they fostered.And some authorities argue that, because of the ostracism connected with the act, many instances go unreported.

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Obviously aware of the subject's built-in sensationalism, the producers of ''Something About Amelia'' have taken pains to be ''responsible'' in their treatment and, to a remarkable degree, they have succeeded.But then social welfare decide to send Tella back to her natural father, who it is apparent is sexually ...See full summary » Shame and fear have kept Amelia Bennett silent about the sexual molestation she's been suffering at the hands of her father, Steven.AT first glance, Amelia seems to be a fairly ordinary 13 year old.