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Vera, recovering in the hospital, grows depressed about the condition her injury has left her in.

Meanwhile, Kate poses for pin-up photos in order to obtain a fake security clearance form, and Lorna uses Marco's Italian background to raise suspicions about him, resulting in him being fired.

And at the hospital, Archie contracts sepsis and asks Vera to help him commit suicide, to end his suffering.

Amidst the chaos following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the girls on Blue Shift find themselves facing their own challenges.

detector” and can smell a generic copy and paste email a mile away.

Young socialite Gladys Witham begins working at Victory Munitions, a bomb factory, at the start of World War II.

After an accident during bomb testing which leaves a factory worker, Archie Arnott, critically injured, the factory comes under scrutiny regarding safety regulations.

The girls on the Blue Shift line are blamed for the accident, which results in Gladys attempting to get the girls to stand up for themselves.

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Lorna looks to terminate her pregnancy and turns to Vera for help.

Gladys' parents discover she has been lying to them about her job at the factory and conspire to have her fired, while James is recruited into the military.