Alpaca kingdom dating sim

23-Feb-2018 03:32

Heck, you might not even be a human main character either.Anyways if you would like some unique dating sims to play, you have come to the right place.One day at this time, in the bus on the way back from "Alpaca Kingdom" with his girlfriend, Izumi Yukari, he just woke up and found that there was some lovely thing next to him... " Instead of Yukari sitting next to his bus seat was a fluffy alpaca. You shouted all of a sudden..." The alpaca looking at Kazuma with wondering eyes talked exactly like his girlfriend Yukari. ************** Experience Kazuma's unforgettable summer in moe cute ADV game, PACAPLUS ************** Artwork: Rin Tsukasa / Yagurumasou Music: Pacaplus (composed by Fu May, written and sung by Alpaca / AL PACA7) Movie: "Turned To Livestock" Satou Main CVs: Mana / HIroko Fukada / Naoki Sagawa Other CVs: Sachi Umino / Nanase Watarai / Genpaku Sugiyama / Nozomi Sasasaki / Hyakugen Danpei / Capybarako / Megumi Harui / Ash / Jun Fukuda / Yanagi / Yasuomi Taira / Alpaca Yamada / Miko Kaneko / Bob Saitou I have to admit that watching an alpaca talk to you in human clothes with a cartoon voice is amusing, though I did mute Yukari, the alpaca, after about thirty minutes or so.The visual novel has two or three different points where you can make a decision to change the story.

I don't have much more to say about this one, except, that if you want to play, its available from Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hatoful Boyfriend is a dating sim where you playas a female human teenager who goes to St.