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"When you're working, it's really difficult to meet people," Thakur said. "It's not like a flirty or just everyday kind of party," Mittal said."From the girls' side or boys' side, they are both serious about finding a life partner." Indian immigrants tend to look for the same religion, caste and region, Mittal said.Through Inclov, we hope to give them a chance to meet others." While some of India's traditional matrimonial websites offer matchmaking for users with disabilities, Inclov has an emphasis on including details of each user's disability to ensure transparency from the beginning.For Multani, Inclov's transparency was especially useful.(function(l,f){function m()function i(a)function p(a,b,c)function t(a,b)function q(a){a

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Ahluwalia doesn't necessarily advocate a wholesale break with tradition, but clients need to have thought through their answers.

American-born Indians might want somebody who is Indian, preferably raised in America, too.

Ninety percent of Hindus in America marry within the faith, according to the U. Religious Landscape Survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

"I've seen so much that blows those stereotypes out of the water," said Jasbina Ahluwalia, a Bay Area matchmaker who serves the South Asian community. "Separating one's own priorities and values from expectations of others -- family, parents -- I think can be very challenging," she said.

Even if parents approach her, as they sometimes do, the first consultation must be with the single person, in private.

"Many have restricted social lives, and don't get a chance to meet to interact with a lot of people.