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27-Jan-2018 11:24

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It's about the person we are looking for, not their checkbook." She convinced me that there is a cultural revolution going on that is redefining what goes into a healthy relationship whether the man or the woman is the breadwinner.

I'm not talking about role reversals, though that exists.

It seems a little too early to speculate about any kind of reconciliation, but, hey, stranger things have happened.

Recently, I've read a number of articles about the alpha woman/beta man relationship.

I'm not talking about women supporting men, though that exists as well.

I'm talking about men who are comfortable allowing women to be whole, which includes being powerful, emotional, passionate, discouraged, loving, tired, perfect, imperfect, grateful and sometimes rude.

These women want a man who will share the responsibilities at home and won't get his ego tied up in a knot over it.

They want a man who gives his partner space to go after the success she desires. Yet he doesn't require the family to circle around him.

Everyone deals with mistakes differently, and Jesse James certainly has his own way of looking at the past.

Shouldn't this be the new model of a healthy relationship?