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With respect to the first two — Grib and Tipler — I want to emphasize that although I find parts of these propositions appealing, I disagree with what they say about last days and the resurrection of the dead. Nevertheless, we can sometimes learn more about the truth by showing what is false, and it was in that spirit that I posted those two articles: to highlight what Catholic teaching tells us about last days and the resurrection of the dead.

Teilhard de Chardin’s thesis is one more difficult to summarize and encapsulate in a short article.

In defining apologetics as a form of apology, we understand the latter word in its primary sense, as a verbal defence against a verbal attack, a disproving of a false accusation, or a justification of an action or line of conduct wrongly made the object of censure.

Such, for example, is the Apology of Socrates, such the Apologia of John Henry Newman .

And, finally, his motivation: “It is also necessary—may God grant it!

—that in providing others with books to read I myself should make progress, and that in trying to answer their questions I myself should find what I am seeking.

The first was on that of the Russian mathematician, Andrej Grib, dealing with quantum logic; the second on that of the American physicist, Frank Tipler, dealing with his physics derived Omega Point; this, the third, on the Omega Point as a goal in evolution, devised by the French Jesuit paleontologist, Teilhard de Chardin.

In the above there are quotes from Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI, writing as Joseph Ratzinger, extolling de Chardin’s new views on Christology. Trying to show that there is no contradiction between what science tells us about the world and our Catholic faith.