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09-Jul-2017 00:01

The side love stories also keeps the drama entertaining.I watched this for Kim Jae Wook; unfortunately, his character was poorly and inconsistently developed and left with an unsatisfactory ending.I never bought into the two leads as a couple, they seemed quite mis-matched and the writing did not convince me otherwise.It was nice to have Kim Jae Wook to look at, but in terms of a drama, I was sorry I wasted my time with it.Im really enjoying this warm hearted drama about the up and down in the love.❤❤ those who have so much of time to calculate age gap between main leads, and passing the judgments about how old she look in front of On jung sun, Kim jae wook should be paired with her and Jong ah is this and that... In a love relationship age does matter but its just a last part, first and foremost thing is important in relationship is the respect towards each other, being able to understand each other and being able to support each other in good & bad times. All i know is None of the actor's hardwork is wasted in this drama.

As an added bonus, I really like watching Kim Jae Wook. The adorable puppy dog eyes when he's sad and the brilliant smile when he's happy.The two leads are just regular people chasing their love and dreams and they have never met in childhood hahaha. Chemistry between the leading couple is to die for seriously!The male lead is also a rare species in dramaland and I wish there are more like him - kind yet firm and never behaves like a jerk. I kinda think Yang Se Jong's acting is being overrated by some knetz but this is impressive enough for a leading role debut and as always Seo Hyun Jin does a great job. -Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray will choke you out...

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