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Mots-clés‘The Hermit Hui Jiang’, Blanc de Chine, circa 1620, circa 1630, circa 1640, four-character sealmark, Guanyin, He Chaozong yin, impressed circular seal with the potter’s name Chun Yu, late Ming dynasty, Lü Dongbin, Marchant, square four-character sealmark of Sun Chengxian yin, square seal Hui Jiangshan ren, standing scholar, three-character sealmark of He Chaozong, Wenchang Guanyin seated with her hands covered by long flowing robes. Twenty-eight of these pieces come from the collection of Captain J.

An identical model, bearing a He Chaozong, 4th November 2009, no. 3 is by the potter Sun Chun Yu and was probably from the same family.

Wenchang is the god of literature and the patron of literati, widely revered in China.

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Dating pieces from unearthed tombs has been a great help, as has the identification of seal marks impressed in the back of figures or the base of vessels.

p&p) and will be able to view on their website from tomrorow. The back impressed with a three-character sealmark of He Chaozong within a double gourd. The back impressed with a three-character sealmark of He Chaozong within a double gourd. The back with an impressed circular seal with the potter’s name Chun Yu and a square seal Hui Jiang ‘The Hermit Hui Jiang’. A similar figure, bearing a He Chaozong mark, from The Gruber Collection is illustrated by John Ayers in, 2006, no. 14/5 where it is noted that a Guanyin with the same mark is illustrated by P. The back impressed with a four-character sealmark, He Chaozong-sceptre in his left hand which rests on a outcrop, the long flowing robes covering his other arm and exposing a foot, wearing two large belts, one inset with stylised jade plaques, an official hat and long plaits extending to his shoulders, the upper lip and chin with piercing for the insertion of real hair, all covered in a rich cream glaze. Photo courtesy Marchant From an important French collection of a lady in Saint Cloud, France.

The back impressed with a square four-character sealmark of Sun Chengxian. Purchased from Roger Duchange, 12 Rue des Saint-Pères, Paris, 30th March 1992. Although Sun Chengxian does not appear to be recorded, no.

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