Dating a non animal lover east eroupean dating

11-Feb-2018 11:13

It seems easier to surround oneself with like-minded people or avoid eating out with non-vegan friends, but what if the oblivious omnivore is ones significant other?Vegan-omni relationships are very common, and with less than 1% of the world’s population being vegan, it is highly unlikely that all vegans will find vegan partners.Hope dies last), he is very understanding and interested in everything I tell him.

Equally, vegans sometimes forget how hard their journey to veganism was, and that it took them some time to make the connection too.

I never try to force my beliefs on him, he never makes fun of me for the way I live and so far we have not had a single argument about food or veganism.

I know I got lucky in finding someone so understanding and willing to adapt and learn; it was just as important for me to not constantly lecture him, but instead win him over with awesome vegan food and always being willing to have a discussion if he wanted to know more.

They judge their omni partners for having a lack of ethics or being cruel and immoral, not allowing them to find their way to veganism in their own time.

Mistakes and judgement happen from both sides and those behaviours make a loving and respecting relationship very hard, maybe even impossible.

Very few of us can claim that we have been vegan from birth.

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