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24-Aug-2017 02:51

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If they are not playing the untouchable, they are awfully dependent, possessive and annoying.

Romanian men, I have heard, are unfaithful, macho, liars, and treat their women as their own possessions.

I don’t know how is to date a Romanian girl, I have never tried, and those who dated me ….is difficult to track down and take the confession out of them, which places me in a very good position here.

Well, distinctions must be made also, on age, education, background, big city, small city.

However they can get a bit macho when they expect their women to take care of them and listen to all their problems.Everyone else in Romania believes they are a victim of the fact that the President and the Prime Minister can’t agree who is the victim and who is the culprit. They tell me they love me and two weeks later, they leave me.’ ‘It’s because they are only after sex,’ I said. ‘No,’ she answered, ‘they tell me they love me sex. Foreigners, both men and women are regarded as exotic and likely to have plenty of money, making them the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. You ‘meet’ with a guy or girl for a movie, coffee, drink or just go for a walk together.

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If you go out a second and third time, you can consider yourself together.

DON’T LIKE Victims: In Romania, everyone suffers, but no one is guilty. Up against an ambitious Romanian, no one has a chance. But because they find it hard to work subordinate to other people, few make money and when they continue to not make money, they don’t close their business. Romanians are great at starting a business, not so good at running one. The British will show their true feelings when they are drunk and steal them back when sober. No, they imply, there must be a reason for your sickness.

There are many factors that determine how a woman or a man acts in a relationship, culture is definitely one of them, but not th. Dating and Relationships. I am Romanian and I know a lot of Romanian guys, but I prefer to never judge a person based on stereotypes, culture, nationality, gender, religion.… continue reading »

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What comes to mind when we think Romanians right now is that they are marching against their government and winning. Or maybe you don't watch the news and Romania only goes with vampire tales in your mind. Either way, there is more to Romanian culture than count Dracula and political turmoil.… continue reading »

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Feb 4, 2014. Sexism Why is it that when Romanian men walk into a crowded room, they shake all the hands of the other men, but avoid physical contact with the women? Do they see the women when they enter the room? Are these men woman-blind? If a woman in the public eye takes time on her appearance, she is.… continue reading »

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Quote Originally Posted by NY Nationalist Another question just occurred to me-what is it that the typical Romanian man dislikes in a woman,what woul.… continue reading »

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Nov 21, 2006. well, as an american woman dating a romanian man i find my relationship refreshing and intriguing. although there are many cultural differences that result in a variety of heated arguments it is almost hysterical at times to see how much our cultures have influenced and at times even defined who we are.… continue reading »

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