Dating a trinidadian man

18-Nov-2017 11:10

The dramas and issues that have not been worked out by the individual will inevitably block him or her from being able to move properly with their partner.

The disconnection that individuals suffer because of poor social conditioning will affect the nature of their relationships.

As such, male/female relations are often very patriarchal in nature.

In other words, male domination is very present, especially in terms of the ideas and values inherent in relationships.

The many cases of persons who experienced so much trauma and pain from the circumstances of their intimate relationships that they had to seek psychological or psychiatric help are less heard about.

Notwithstanding the ignorance and complicity of offending partners, the deep and persistent problems that people encounter in the context of intimate relationships can be traced to poor ideas and attitudes, and while these may provide temporary ‘feel-good’ feelings, the end result is enslavement, rather that FREEDOM and UPLIFTMENT.

For many persons, the male is automatically the head of the household, regardless of how foolish and ignorant he is.

Many of the love songs that play on the airwaves contain sentiments such as ‘you are the light of my day’ or ‘without you I can’t go on’ or ‘I cannot live without you’.

Following from this type of thinking, a male may kill his spouse (and himself) if he suspects she is having an affair or is wishing to leave the relationship, all because, in his mind, he cannot live without her.

After each incident he apologized and made it up to her by doing such things as taking her out to dinner and buying flowers.

Although she is still very unhappy with such incidents, she hopes that the relationship will get better.How people construct relationships are a result of the attitudes and values that they learn and are taught.The basis of which people generally interact with each other in the context of male/female relations is more on the basis of this social conditioning rather than on reasoning or understanding of some truth.Since the relationship has a strong male bias, females receive the brunt of the poor ideas and values underlying the interaction, even though males will themselves be trapped by such.