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07-Mar-2017 21:02

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This is why the context of industry benchmarks is so critical — you don’t want to be fooled into thinking you’re doing great when really, your performance may only be average, at best. You want to be that shining, sparkling, glorious unicorn advertiser who outperforms the average by would be an above-average performance. In fact, if you’re only getting the average 1.91%, you’re way behind the competition, because the Dating and Personals average CTR for Search is 3.4%!

You’ll have to do way, way better than the Search-wide average to compete in these industries, as well: In these industries, you’ll need average click-through rates of 10% to 15% to achieve true unicorn status, but with a little elbow grease, you can be an advertising unicorn, too.

But let’s look at some PPC restrictions for specific industries that you may not be familiar with.

There are certain instances where industries border what is permitted and what is not in Ad Words, leading to Google setting out clear guidelines that outline exactly what you can and cannot show.

These restrictions may seem like common sense — and for the most part, they are.If you want to be sure that your PPC ads aren’t subject to penalties, you need to follow their guidelines and be aware of these restrictions.All businesses should aim to follow Google’s best practices guidelines when it comes to writing ad copy, but there are some additional restrictions you may not know about.Prescription drugs are only allowed in ad copy in certain countries, including the USA and Canada.

Feb 15, 2018. That's why leading marketers are 50% more likely to increase investments in capabilities like machine learning to help them win.1 In fact, brands like Rappi and AutoGravity are already using machine learning in AdWords to reach their most valuable app users and grow their businesses. In our final.… continue reading »

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Google Adwords uses the tracking token {KeyWord} to pass the keyword that you target into your campaign URL. The campaign URL that you place in your Google Adwords ads will look like https//{Keyword}. When a visitor searches for "dating" and clicks on.… continue reading »

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Instead they position themselves as a resource to help you find the top online dating sites. is an affiliate for the dating sites and makes money when they send singles to the sites they are affiliates for. One thing to point out about this ad is something not many people pay attention to in AdWords… continue reading »

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Annonsér med Google AdWords-annonser i Sponsede linker-delen ved siden av søkeresultatene for å øke nettstedstrafikken og salget.… continue reading »

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Mar 30, 2016. Not if you're in the Dating & Personals industry, where the average Search CTR is 3.40%. That's almost twice the overall average. Display ads in this industry tied for second highest average CTR alongside Advocacy display ads with an average 0.52% CTR. As you can see, the only industry in which.… continue reading »

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