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It took several years before the practice was established in the Czech lands where most preserved registers start after 1620.

A new format for the records was introduced in 1771.

Church Records refer to the records of births/christenings, marriages, and deaths/burials recorded by clergy.

These records are the prime source for information about the vital events in an individual's life.

In many cases records as late as the 1940s have been placed in state regional archives.

Registers more recent than those in the state regional archives are still at local city or subdistrict registration offices [matriční úřady].

This information can be used to compile pedigrees and family groups.

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of February each year in many countries and cultures around the world.Because of religious intolerance within the Austrian Empire, the only legally recognized church registers were Catholic registers until 1781 when the Toleration Patent was issued.After 1784 the keeping of church registers was required by law for all religions, but under Catholic supervision.In Lutheran and Anglican communions it is an official feast day known as “Feast of St.

Valentine.”The Eastern Orthodox Church also celebrates St.Catholic parishes in Europe were first required to record baptisms and marriages in 1563 by order of the Council of Trent.The requirement to record deaths was introduced in 1614.All Czech church registers are accessible to those who hire a private researcher to visit the archives for them or who can visit the archives in the Czech Republic themselves and research the records in person.