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Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup It's a great show - Don Rau finally returns to the pod to yak and gabble about freaky phobias, hipster bars, plastic surgery, feeling poor and conspiracy theories.Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup Steve is with Nicky Stay and our Greek New Yorker Steve Statler to shoot the shizzle about Moscow-St.Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstanduphttps://itunes....…The pod is joined by Canadian comic Adrian Niro to deliberate on salsa dancing, the Moscow comedy wars, breaking up a fight between two 7-year-olds and compiling a list of people who hate you.We also hear another Russian joke from Steve’s landlord.Nikki Stey and Lucio Giuliodori are on the show to talk about stealing other people’s dates, things you look for in a perfect partner, fitness systems, "Chanson" and fighting off the mother of the bride at a wedding.

Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup Don and Steve are joined by Dina Mild to discuss the number of people who hate you, Dutch men, tales from the urologist’s office, how to pick up chics when you’re 83 and how men and women order food.We also go over some wacky idioms from around the world and things that happened this week in history.Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup…Zhenya Popova and Olly Nite join Steve Foreman in the studio to deal with small talk, mixed camo combinations, people who talk too much, beauty hack videos and seeing a UFO.Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup…Milo Edwards joins us one last time before heading back to the UK to discuss getting your Lada to start, having your hot water turned off, Beauty and the Beast, Russian jokes and what to watch on a hangover.

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Follow us on Facebook: Capital STAND UPInstagram: capitalstandup Milo Edwards joins the show to tell us about gigging across Russia and getting to the final of the stand-up reality show “Open Microphone” as well as picking through the UK general election, retracting compliments, instant noodles, life coaching and visiting the sex clinic.The Moscow Expats Comedy Podcast is a weekly show broadcast on Moscow's Capital FM 105.3.Stand-up Club#1 resident host Steve Foreman and guests bring you funny chat about life in modern-day Moscow and beyond.Kat Kenna joins Steve and Olly to form a new Ed Sheeran swoon club and talk about weird food combination, west London (whatever...), falling out with people on messenger and arguing with security guards.sorry for the mix-up! As ever we'd love you to join us on Facebook: Capital STAND UP and Instagram: capitalstandup…Steve Foreman and Olly Nite are joined by Canadian Josh Wilson to discuss mom jeans, Hare Krishnas sales pitches, songs to get beaten up to, tell tale signs of a bad DJ and unnecessary dark thoughts. Host Steve Foreman is joined by a very special guest - all the way from sweet-scented Grasse – Riviera Detente’s podcast innovator Henry Michel!

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