Downside of internet dating

26-Jun-2017 12:55

I’ve gone to many real-world get-togethers coordinated through that service, and have made many friends that way.That, to me, blends the best of the net and the real world.” —Amy Gahran, contributing writer at e Meter Corporation, senior editor at Oakland Local, co-creator and community manager at Reynolds Journalism Institute “My husband and I got closer together before marriage because of the internet, we always remain connected because of the internet and we will be never apart because of the internet :).” —Maliha Kabani, president, International Sustainable Development Resource Centre “Despite the media narrative, cultural relations and social engagement mediated by virtual spaces is a plus.

“The net is about people connecting online, for commerce, politics, and personally, and we already see that enhances real-life relationships.No one stutters or stammers on Twitter.” —Robert G.Ferrell, information systems security professional, US government, former systems security specialist, National Business Center, US Department of the Interior “It’s now easy for me to find people who share characteristics or interests, whereas for much of my pre-internet life I mainly felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere.It has allowed for the opening of dialog, discussion, and forums unlike anything since Greek times. I expect that which does not kill us will make us stronger and better.) The internet and World Wide Web have allowed communities to come together on politics and issues in ways that would never have happened before.