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16-Nov-2017 00:36

They fear traditional exam invigilation will be severely disrupted because hundreds of other pupils' i Pods may have to be checked.

One insider said: 'Everyone is very angry that this has been allowed to happen. Once this girl has been allowed to do this, there's nothing stopping all pupils bringing in their i Pods.'The amount of manpower it will take to put music on every student's i Pod and check they don't contain study notes will be overwhelming.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Apple event, we hop in the wayback machine to an Apple event that happened on October 23, 2001.

While yesterday’s event saw updates to pre-existing products – new i Pads and new Macs – the 2001 event featured the unveiling of the i Pod, a device that would end up being one of Apple’s most important products.

Hard drive-based MP3 players existed at the time, but many of them used 2.5-inch or larger hard drives, making the players themselves relatively big and clunky.

Here are two I own, the Pocket m Station (left) and the Neo Player (right), with the i Phone 4 thrown into the mix to give you a sense of size: Neither of these old-timey music gadgets could fit in a pocket without some serious alterations.

The girl's parents then took her case to the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) examination board, which also ruled it out.

However, it was forced to back down after reportedly being threatened with legal action under the Equalities Act because the girl, a year six pupil, (equivalent to year 13 in England) often struggles to pay attention in class.

The i Phone 5 and later, i Pad (fourth generation and later), and i Pod Touch (sixth generation) can run i OS 10. Plug it into your computer, open i Tunes, and the model as well as the currently installed version of i OS are listed under the Summary tab which has a phone icon in the top left.

Linda Moule, deputy head at The Mary Erskine School, confirmed that the pupil has been allowed to use an i Pod.

The SQA said the ruling would not automatically open the floodgates for other pupils.

However in February of 2001, Rubinstein was in Japan meeting with Toshiba when the following scene played out, according to Isaacson (page 384 of At the end of a routine meeting with Toshiba, the engineers mentioned a new product they had in the lab that would be ready by that June. Jobs was also in Japan, giving the keynote speech at the Tokyo Macworld conference.

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It was a tiny, 1.8-inch drive (the size of a silver dollar) that would hold five gigabytes of storage (about a thousand songs), and they were not sure what to do with it. They met that night at the Hotel Okura, where Jobs was staying. “All I need is a million check.” Jobs immediately authorized it.

Jobs had expressed interest in building a portable music player in late 2000 and had tasked Jon Rubinstein with making it happen.

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