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Each Subproject will be subject to E&S appraisal and disclosure requirements depending on categorisation and project specific E&S action plans ("ESAP") will be developed to ensure the objectives of the framework are met; that the outcomes of the SESA are duly considered and actioned; and that the delivery of each Subproject is undertaken in accordance with the PRs.

These Subprojects, as part of several solar photovoltaic projects financed by EBRD in Egypt, are connected to two TC assignments: 1/ Solar Grid Code Preparation EBRD has mobilised TC funding from the SEMED Energy Efficiency Policy Dialogue Framework (funded by EU-NIF) in order to provide technical advice to the Egyptian authorities in the preparation and drafting of a Solar Grid Code.

This ESAP has been adopted by the overall Project Sponsor (NREA) and forms part of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) permit conditions issued to NREA for the Benban site.It is expected to improve the environmental characteristics of Egypt's power sector by reducing emissions of local pollutants and CO2, as well as water consumption.The Subprojects will be among the first to be implemented under the Fi T Scheme and will support Egypt in reaching its renewable energy targets and reducing its reliance on costly hydrocarbon imports.2/ Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment EBRD has mobilised TC funds under the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Multi-Donor Account to support the New and Renewable Energy Authority NREA in preparing the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for the Benban solar site in Egypt.

The SESA will ensure that the large development planned in Benban is carried out in accordance with best international practice and in a manner which maximises the benefits for the local population and other stakeholders.

Please visit the Public Information Policy page below to find out how to request a Public Sector Board Report.