Engineering complex systems validating the human factors

27-Mar-2017 04:00

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Provides complex engineering or analytical tasks and activities. Operations – The contractor shall respond to user complaints to research complex problems associated with the organization telecommunication devices. Monitors and responds to complex technical control facility hardware and software problems.Interfaces with contractor support service groups to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance. SATCOM – The contractor shall provide Satellite Communications Systems planning, designing, developing, testing, installing, management. Radios/Spectrum Management – The contractor shall provide Radio Communication Systems/Spectrum planning, designing, developing, testing, installing, and management. System Administration – The contractor shall provide administrator oversight on specified IT assets to include Windows and non-Windows (Unix) virtual and stand-alone operating systems, monitoring, and performance measurement software, Linux, z OS and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications. Perform system deployment and adherence to DLA lifecycle management policies and procedures. Install GFE, apply patches, manage file systems, monitor performance and troubleshoot alerts from monitoring tools. Perform system failure analysis and recovery; ensuring the consistency and integrity of file systems. Perform system security patching, upgrades, and configuration/policy changes in compliance with all relevant and required Information Assurance (IA) and security implementation/compliance requirements, including DISA Security Technical Information Guides (STIGs), identified during STIG reviews, Gold Disk, vulnerability Scans, etc. Administer accounts user access control to the systems that the contractor administers. Monitor the system logs for growth patterns, trends, and intrusion detection. Provide test support to include supporting integration testing, analyzing test results and assisting in acceptance testing of software components. Conduct research and investigation into technological developments in such areas as operating systems, and software systems for installing, monitoring and maintaining operating systems and executive software. Install, configure and maintain COTS software products that provide operating system support such as Netbackup, Mc Afee and other products per J6 direction. Configure and maintain system backups to conform to IA controls requirements. Assist with the research and supporting analysis, and design of virtual and standalone server and workstation specifications and configurations that will feed into a Government decision.The contractor shall ensure that backups occur as scheduled and that tape read/write errors do not occur and reschedule backups as required.The contractor shall ensure that tapes are kept in the designated areas and that offsite tapes are available to the offsite storage contractor and shall receive returning tapes as required. The contractor shall provide oversight for the scheduling of jobs supporting computer operations and application functionality.Devise solutions to moderately complex operational problems within the capacity and operational limitations of installed equipment and software. Engineering – The contractor shall provide technical direction and engineering knowledge for communications activities including planning, designing, developing, testing, installing and maintaining large communications networks.

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Operations Support: All solutions and services must meet DLA policies, standards, and procedures as identified by individual TOs (e.g.

The contractor shall build, launch and support conferences and video streams.

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