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And as I was walking towards the couch, with my back towards the door, he’s busy closing and locking the doors behind my back. He had underwear on, thank God, and he was bare everywhere else. Seagal could not be reached for comment, but a spokesman denied that the actor ever harassed Mc Carthy.“Most of us have had to dodge these bullets our entire careers,” La Rue said. It’s like wearing pumps: It’s painful, but we gotta wear pumps.”And it’s not like these are untold stories, she said.

I go to sit on the couch, and he comes towards me and he’s opening his weirdo kimono. And it was clear he was not just getting cozy.”Jumping up from the couch, La Rue moved quickly to the door, making excuses to get out of there. “I have another meeting right after this.”“No, no, sit down,” he said. “I told this story a thousand times, and finally it matters, I’m not ‘suddenly’ coming forward.

and youthful.” The show also said that she will be sharing some romantic scenes with her costar.

To quote TVLine.com, Teri will have “quite an appetite for Danny and isn’t afraid to shower him with affection.” Teri will be Danny’s second wife after Danny lost his first wife.

La Rue was 22 when she got a call from her agent, saying that he’d set up an audition for her at Seagal’s house.

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According to TVLine, Teri Tanner's original character description labeled her as "African-American." Clearly, that changed with the casting of Eva La Rue, who is Latina.Tannerito brings to the (spotless and carefully de-crumbed) Fuller House table.And based on her character description alone, it looks like fans of the upcoming series are in for a serious, LOL-worthy treat.After a successful modeling career, she started her acting career when she appeared on All My Children from 1993 to 1997. She received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" for All My Children. In 2010, La Rue portrayed the role of Maria for one last time – owing to the celebration of the the shows 40th anniversary. She played Annette Funicello in a biographical movie and portrayed the role of Princess Serena in the movie version of Danielle Steel's Remembrance. Her choice of clothes is always fashionable and complements her body.

Apr 9, 2013. ET is chatting with the former soap star about Funicello's last days and lasting memories.… continue reading »

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