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17-Jul-2017 18:58

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You have a penchant for saying outrageous things that get you in trouble. They’ve understood that I’m clever, I’m very flamboyant, I have a crazy dress sense. I decided to go more of Stanley Tucci’s character from .I’m trying to stay between the lines of Johnny on Skating with the Stars and the rest of the NBC men’s family in Brooks Brothers.

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This year, though, no single skater has managed to separate themselves from the pack.Amazing outfits alone make Weir a meme or an Instagram superstar. Normally a buttoned down outfit, with the uber-serious and sometimes sanctimonious Bob Costas leading the way, NBC has let Weir be Weir."NBC has been asking me since Vancouver to be a part of their team, and those conversations have been very open," Weir told After finding his feet during the first day's broadcast, Weir has quickly become a fantastic broadcaster. Here he is on the American's chances in the pairs skating competition.On an NBC program that makes every American competitor seem like they have a chance at the gold, Weir is brutally honest—but without being off-putting or plain mean.Protestors, angry at a Russian law targeting homosexuals, looked for an ally in Weir.

“Because of who I am I’m at the forefront of it,” he told Steve Politi of .

Now that you’ve retired and reigning Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek has dropped out, I have no idea who is competing. He set world records last year and then had them beaten by Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu, who I believe is 18 [ed: 19, but close enough] and is just a phenom.

The latest Tweets from Evan Lysacek @EvanLysacek. Olympic Champion, World Champion, United States Champion. Ralph Lauren, Citi, P&G ThankYouMom, Crest, Coca-Cola.… continue reading »

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Now that you’ve retired and reigning Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek has. the Olympics that I rarely focused on anyone. Philadelphia Magazine.… continue reading »

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Feb 21, 2010 Talk about a gold medal couple! Figure skater Evan Lysacek is dating fellow Olympic gold medalist, gymnast Nastia Liukin, reports. The couple.… continue reading »

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Is Evan Lysacek Going to Give Us Ammo To Speculate About His. and the Vancouver gossips say they’re dating. But Evan says. He’s not dating ANYONE so who.… continue reading »

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Why Is The World's Gayest Sport Stuck In. One," "athletic" skater Evan Lysacek models a. feasible for anyone who doesn't have the.… continue reading »

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