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A lot of them will have foreign sections and you might get lucky and strike gold.

If you are located in a big city, you have a strong chance to find a French Cultural Center.

Originally from Quebec, the French adaptation has shortened the episode lengths down to seven minutes each – making for an ideal bite sized lesson somewhere in your day. Number of episodes: 52 Plot: Police and legal drama series centering on the working relationship between the Parisian police and the justice system, as they work together to maintain peace and order in society. Sudden power outages, water levels depleting, weird skin marks and, most significantly, the return of their deceased loved ones. A fresh take on a familiar supernatural/fantasy genre, breathing some now life into the public’s enduring fascination with zombies. Number of episodes: 458 Plot: Centered on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’s quest to locate the Holy Grail, this is a satirical reimagining of the well-known legends. Thoroughly entertaining, with its mini episode format (around three and a half minutes) making this an extremely enjoyable way to practice your French comprehension. Number of episodes: 82 Plot: Follow ‘I’, a nameless 30 year old, through the monotony of his day-to-day existence, as he struggles to meet the basic goals that he believes constitutes a successful life. A more insightful view of modern French culture is on offer in this frank series.

However, the dialogue is very fast-paced, with most characters speaking at a relatively high-speed.

Just make sure to test it for compatibility prior to subscribing.

It is however, an excellent tool to help teach your kids French, while they might also learn a thing or two about blood vessels along the way.

You can go straight to the source and view the shows on their respective channel’s websites.

As such, it may not be suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. Number of episodes: 2613 Plot: Soap opera based in the fictional “le Mistral” neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port-city of Marseille.

With more plot twists than a Hollywood movie, and plenty of melodrama, it’s more escapist than realistic in its portrayal of contemporary France. While perhaps not considered to be the apex of highbrow intellectual viewing, the show is extremely entertaining. Number of episodes: 39 Plot: Sixteenth century historical/fantastical adventure anime. Number of episodes: 71 Plot: Back to a more conventional format..For this reason I have compiled a list of the best French language television series out there, past and present. Number of episodes: 39 Plot: Follow the adventures of a young Belgian detective and his loyal travel companion Snowy the dog as they travel the world, going from one adventure to the next. Seen through the eyes of the populace, the prolonged state of fear brings out the best and worst in people, as the town rallies together to make it through this most trying of times. While their differences are evident, both families slowly become more and more drawn to one another along the way. In this classic sitcom format, the viewers are presented with an honest depiction of French humor, and its important role in what it means to be French.Plot: A detailed look into the lives and relationship of a French couple.If you’re willing to pay retail price for the series, then this will be your best option.

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