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18-Jul-2017 21:00

Ushio Kazama: Ushio Kazama is a beautiful blonde that has only had a love for girls.Her love for girls is so strong, she tried to apply to an all girl’s school, and her reasoning was because ‘girls are cute’.She enjoys being with Sumika because she can be herself.Ushio gets excited easily when it comes to cute girls.Hope everyone is having a great summer, Feiyon I love Yuri more than Yaoi, if you haven’t noticed, but I do enjoy both.My favorite yuri series is probably Sasameki Koto “Whisper Words” and my favorite yaoi is The World’s Greatest First Love.There was also a lot of care put into the animation because all the movements of the character were clean.

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She was befriended Sumika soon after being isolated from everyone else.

If anything, I am grateful that this New Year’s goal has helped me get this blog started, and I don’t plan to end it any time soon.