Girls on dating sites are deceiving

03-Oct-2017 01:11

I think that because some peeps out there can't find dates, or anyone because of fear that they will be rejected or unwanted, usually end up posting a pic that's not them, or writing a dishonest profile just to get someone's attention.I dont understand why they do this because its futile, and eventually will be found out.This is what it need to keep your eyes wide open.I never make an emotional investment until I know it's worth it.

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Keep in mind also that if someone is really into you online and you meet, there might be "no real good" reasonwhy they all of a sudden don't like you as much as they did before you met.well that i can believe...since i am finding that no one wants to be honest...waste each others time by being someone your not...our busy lives these a easier way to meet ppl...i think its a waste of both our times , men and woman... I talked to a girl for a long time waaay back in the day that would send me pictures periodically and I was getting into deceive each other...all have a good idea on the type of person we would like to meet..if you are not that person, be woman or man enough to say so....there are plenty of fish in the sea! We talked night after night until she had a fight with her best friend who decided it was in her best interest to send me a real photo of who i was talking to.Some people will do almost anything to get someone's attention.

I know there are many men out there that are true scum bags.

it takes away the magic to a certain extent HOWEVER, it does give you an element of getting to know someone on your own terms...hopefully they don't go bipolar after 4 months or something if you really like them :) hehe..