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But in the early afternoon, her date texted her: "I actually just made other plans."I didn't think I was going to hear back from you.Even a routine trip to the shops fills the otherwise confident 21-year-old from Newcastle with dread because she knows that as someone with dwarfism she always stands out.'I've plucked up the courage to go out and do something by myself, even if it's something as simple as going down the street to grab chocolate,' she told Daily Mail Australia.'I've worked myself up, told myself not to be silly, nobody will even notice me.I get out of my car, walk in and within minutes I've had people gawk at me, someone giggle, several people point and whisper to their friends. It completely changes your mood.'Ms Gough, who is 120 centimetres tall, is sometimes verbally harassed in public, but says most people keep comments to themselves because 'they know they are doing something wrong'.'I think that's because it's too bold and it makes them look stupid and opens up for someone to tell them off,' she said.Her bizarre text read: "I actually already have plans tonight haha I just lied & said that to you to play with you head. Whenever Kiralee Gough leaves her house she can feel people staring at her, hear them laugh or whisper to each other, or the click of a camera.

I think it's really sad that I have to worry about the other person being embarrassed or ashamed to be seen with me.'Ms Gough thinks the lack of acceptance she feels stems from a lack of education, and a 'vicious cycle' of parents not telling their children it isn't acceptable.'There was an era, when little people were in circuses and "freak shows", where any form of disability or difference was basically shamed and frowned upon,' she said.On top of her small stature, Ms Gough underwent a series of excruciating operations as a child to straighten her legs as they were bowed inwards.She spent six to eight months with metal rings sticking out of her legs, and the open wounds had to be cleaned twice a day to keep them from developing scabs. Single and available Dwarf girls are just a few clicks away.

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