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I'm kind of an active guy just in terms of in community building within the bisexual community. I think the majority of African Americans grow up with an economic level that isn't as high as the average white person American.

And I thought, “Well, if I'm doing all this stuff why don't I also try writing bisexual romance. Whereas I grew up in the Bahamas in a two-storey house on a hill, with a pool and a tennis court, playing tennis with Sidney Poitier.

That's what I'll do.” But it took me seven months to learn how to do that, which meant seven months of no income and I'd put all my hopes into that, my first book, released it and it completely failed.

And I went, “Oh jeez.” Like either I can spend more time writing these books or I could like go back to what's tried, what's true, which I found to be successful, or I can try something else, which I do.

But I can tell you as a bisexual, that has been a bit of a challenge, but even that has been surprisingly easier, and less confronting if you will, than I would have guessed. Alex: Well, I started out a long time ago wanting to be a writer, and wishing I can tell stories.

And I thought the way to tell those stories would be to become an actor.

So, I decided my radical wish was leave my job in order to be considered for three development jobs that were coming up. Back in about 2009-2010 there was someone who's named Amanda Hocking and she made big news because she signed, I think it was a million deal to publish her indie books that she had been pushing digitally to a major publisher.

I left my job and then within a month the president declared that we were in the middle of a recession and all those jobs I wanted went away. Within that story they're talking about how much she was making selling digitally. I don't know what that is.” So I did some research on her and found out that the way she honed her skills and went from zero to selling a lot digitally was on a forum called Kindle boards at the time.

Während dieser Zeit ist kein Netzbetrieb in diesem Bereich möglich. mehr Wir möchten eine Warnung der Polizei an Sie weitergeben, auch in unserem Umfeld hatte es schon wieder Anrufe von falschen Microsoft-"Support"-Mitarbeitern gegeben. Before that I was doing my videos, which I do like videos, bisexual real talk.So they were videos aimed towards bisexuals and I was growing up an audience slowly but surely. The reason why I work within the bisexual romance genre is that I understand the experiences that are most associated with that. Growing up at the Bahamas is different from growing up in United States, so, you know…and this is a tad bit of a stereotype, but not so much.Alex Anders is an international bestselling author of romance and self-help, with over 250 books published under multiple pen names, he's the host of The Bisexual Empowerment Podcast and You Tube channel, and is an African-American bisexual male. Joanna: I think the other thing, let's just say upfront, this is a fraught topic, isn't it?

Alex appears regularly in the media to speak about diversity. I mean, I don't like this trigger thing as in we shouldn't talk about certain things in case they trigger people, but this is a very political hot potato, especially in this political climate.And I just switched, and from there I just started selling more until finally like within seven, eight months, so I was making a living at it. Joanna: And we should just say upfront that you were kind of joking with the desperate, as in active romance authors, and readers we absolutely respect you all. Then I realized that if I kept doing this I would never date again because I mostly date women.I switched to like a, “50 Shades of Grey” and then after that I realized, well, there's actually more money to be made in like just sexy romance.When I was an actor I will look around on set and I would be the only black person on set.