I turned off my laptop when it was updating

15-Mar-2017 17:44

i turned off my laptop when it was updating-43

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i turned off my laptop when it was updating-7

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There was another method that used to work in the preview builds, but doesn't anymore, so just in case you are still on a preview Windows 10 build, you can try it by following the steps mentioned after we tell you another trick.

tried switching on and pressing F8 but it didnt switch on.

Tryied removing the battery it didnt switch on.....

is there any way to turn off this option because if there is not any way to turn off windows update i'm going to have to switch to an OS that has a little more freedom then this OS.

i turned off my laptop when it was updating-48

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I accidentally turned my computer off during a windows update.You might be able to get a new chip off Ebay; I haven't looked. If the LED turns on or off in response, your system is still alive somehow. If the CAPS LOCK key does switch the LED, then look at the HD light on your system - if it's blinking them it's defintely doing something and you should give it more time.Normally I just click or press space to get it off, and it lets me sign in then, but now that screen just stays up and won't go off.

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