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25-May-2017 19:19

If any of my friends said they were marrying a guy they'd only spoken to online and just met I'd think they were crazy.

But it just feels so right,' Katt, told The Mirror after the engagement.

A third episode reveals a man who didn't fabricate many facts about his life, but only misrepresented his appearance.

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But 'Jamison' turns out to be Chelsea, a young woman seeking female companionship.

In the first episode, Sunny, a 21-year-old nursing student from Arkansas, has fallen in love online with a man named Jamison King.

She has talked to him for months on Facebook and on the phone and she considers him to be her boyfriend.

A chance online encounter playing video war games led to love for a couple who live 4,500 miles away on different continents but within 48 hours of meeting in person they were engaged.

Katt Morris and Prentice Gauthier met online playing the multi-player video war game Overwatch in late December.By creating fake profiles on social networking sites, these predators trick people into thinking that they are someone else entirely.The fabricated life stories and photographs that they cobble together online often contain the experiences, friends, resumes and job titles that they wish were their own, providing a complete window into how these scammers want the world to see them - and how far they fall from those ideals.25-year-old Katt logged on to Overwatch late last year as a distraction after an upsetting relationship break-up.