Is dating a co worker a good idea

08-Jan-2017 00:54

The whole thing is rather complicated, as all relationships are, but the complications have nothing to do with working together!

Then again, they don’t work in the same department and they don’t have a supervisor /subordinate exchange. Is dating a co-worker a good idea or employment suicide?

In passing, I mentioned my workplace romance theory to a single male friend of mine who works in IT at a reputable jewelry company.

He promptly told me, “Nicole, I don’t [insert derogatory term for defecation] where I eat!

” Aside from finding this hilarious, I started thinking; maybe he’s got a point. You could be sitting in the cubicle next to your soul mate!

Work isn’t about pleasure; it’s about paying the bills. And it’s that little bit of hope – that small chance of something real that fuels the inevitable fraternization between the cute guy in accounting with the newbie in sales.

According to the annual Office Romance Survey done by , 44% of men and women between the ages of 18 and 34 have had a romantic encounter with a co-worker. It could be something as innocuous as overt flirting at the office holiday party! Let’s say half of working millennials have had some kind of romantically charged encounter with a co-worker.

In reality, that’s just the 44% that was brave enough to admit to an office fling. Who hasn’t said something flirtatious to someone they are attracted to?! Out of all those people, there have to be some success stories! So after all his bluster about not dating someone he works with, he started seeing a girl he works with!

“If you’re a manager, you should be held to a higher standard,” she says.But getting involved with someone who’s married can end up damaging your personal reputation as well as your professional one—if people find out, you could lose integrity—not to mention the pain it could inflict on loved ones (yours or your partner’s).For those of you considering an office relationship with a married coworker, here’s some sage advice: Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.Throw in a bunch of people around the same age, suffering through a long work day, and sparks are likely to fly!