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23-Mar-2017 07:03

If you already love the look of your Apple Watch, or could augment it with one of the many different band styles and types available, then Series 2 probably won't grab you on looks alone.

Nor will anyone know the difference unless you go ceramic or Nike .

It'll even help you take a few minutes for some deep breathing exercises.

All told, it could be enough to make your current watch feel like new, although we'll have to see how speedy it all is in action.

Also, interestingly enough, the original Watch line is being updated with the dual-core chip going forward, so new buyers of the discounted first-gen Watch will see the improvements as well.

Granted, neither of those things help your slower smartwatch.

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You'll also find new Apple Watch Hermes models from the fashion brand, which start just a hair cheaper at £1149.

Plus, GPS inclusion means better directions on the go when you don't have your phone handy.

Let's hope the battery life doesn't take a tumble during use, however.

Given all that, you might hold tight on pre-ordering the Series 2 and check out how watch OS 3 improves your existing hardware.

For anyone who spends a lot of time running, swimming, or otherwise being active, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a very tempting proposition.As a mostly technical refinement, the Apple Watch Series 2 looks fundamentally identical to the original Apple Watch – but there are new looks and styles to consider, of course.If you're deep into the fitness world and have a love for Nike, the Nike Edition makes the Series 2 a more obvious sport watch, with a neon-yellow-peppered band with little cutouts, not to mention some added motivational messages and a special face.When the Apple Watch launched, it was so slow to load apps and data-related queries.

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