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In this girl-power adventure comedy, the four young women of the Academy’s “A” squad have learned stealth surveillance, firearms training and martial arts – they are almost finished with their D. No matter what the situation, Max has no fear.” Good, however, had a few fears of her own during production – in addition to the fight sequences, the role required she perform several stunts…something she had never done before. She also always has a cigarette in her hand, even when she’s shooting her gun.

I wanted to bring a sort of Napoleon complex into it. “She tries to be tough almost to the point where she’s not affected by what’s going on around her.

I would appear to do the occasional day, and I’m fresh and rested while they’re completely wasted,” she says. Phipps helps them make the transition from high school graduates to Academy trainees.” Echoing a comment made by Taylor, Duncan also couldn’t believe how hard the young actresses worked day in and day out.

government for their unique abilities to lie, cheat and fight, the teenagers become highly trained, fabulously dressed, top-secret agents called D. “So I patted their heads and said good luck.” Taylor is proud of what Robinson accomplished and lauds her directing efforts. When asked whether he has any advice for his young co-stars, he says, “To stay awake. The shoot was grueling and demanding but the end result was worth all the hard work. Movie" width="450" height="299" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1312" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" / The true Cinderella moment came when D. Elaborating on her creative process, Robinson says it was mostly a matter of figuring out where to go with her idea. Movie " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" src=" alt="D. She’s got complete clarity.” Sperling says, “Angela was very, very well-prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. She wrote the script so she knew how to achieve her own vision. Movie – Sara Foster " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" src=" alt="D. She has just dumped her boyfriend, Bobby and is trying to find meaning in her life beyond surveillance work and lip gloss. “Fortunately,” says Robinson, “I had already completed a script that elaborated on the premise of the short.” Adds producer Kosovic, “After Angela wrote and directed the short, she was so inspired and so psyched she wrote the feature script in no time; it just flowed.” They began shooting the feature only a few short months later. She wrote the script, she directed it, and she edited it so the vision’s entirely her’s. The script had all the elements I look for – the characters are extremely developed and the writing’s smart and funny.” After meeting director Angela Robinson, she knew she wanted to commit. “I love that she loves this project and knows exactly what she wanted.” Although she has plenty going for her, Foster’s character Amy is unsure of where her life is leading her. “The actors helped create it when they read the script, and I was able to adapt things to fit the different girls. It’s like the difference between a short story and a novel.” D. “I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity on my very first feature film to realize it in the way I wanted,” she says. S., the filmmakers had a difficult task in front of them. “Everything’s happened so quickly for Amy,” she says.

“I was able to write the feature quickly after getting on the right track,” she says. She also edited the movie – it’s her, through and through.” For her part, the writer/director couldn’t be more proud of their efforts. Foster agrees Amy is somewhat perplexed by what’s going on around her. The first time I did it, I was scared, but I said ‘Okay, let’s do it one more time.’ The next time I jumped so high that I hit the ceiling and cut my toe open on the roof of the building,” she laughs. To create her character, Aoki drew upon the French girls she knew while working as a model in France, copying their hand gestures as well as their accent and phrasing. “Coming into this was much easier for me because I felt like I had really established this character and was able to just step back into it,” she says. “I had to do a back flip for one of the scenes, and I was so scared because I’d never done one before. “I wear very short skirts, carry around a great big gun and have a very thick French accent,” she laughs. This is very far from the real-life Devon,” she laughs – but she admits it was fun. “And I have a new respect for hair and make-up,” she laughs.

D. E. B. S. written and directed by Angela Robinson and starring Sara Foster, Jordana Brewster and Devon Aoki, is a smart, stylish satire of teen comedies and.… continue reading »

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