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Parlé: Dirt Nasty as well as Andre Legacy and Mickey Avalon teamed up to form a rap trio known as ‘The Dyslexic Speedreaders’, where the name came from?

Dirt: Well, the name came from a friend of ours who had just gotten out of jail at the time, he called us that as a joke so when he went back in we kept the name for him because afterwards he went back to jail.

They started MTV 2 and that was suppose to show more videos and music but it kind of feels like now if you wanna see a music video then you’ve gotten You Tube it. On another note though, how do you spend your free time? I like golfing, surfing, snowboarding and just regular white boy shit. Music and writing, I just shot a video with LMFAO’s Song “Yes” which is produced by Jamie Foxx, that will be out soon online, I play a sports announcer in the video.

I’m always pitching TV shows and writing scripts trying to do this L. They also helped with a song on my album called, “I Can’t Dance” about being Jewish and White and not really being able to dance.

Parlé: As an artist, what do you feel needs improvement in the music business? I have so many friends that are artists and they tell me the record execs aren’t like what they use to be.

Now they offer these “360 deals” or they only sign you based on one song.

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We’ve toured for six years and without getting into too many details, after being on the road for so long we were about ready to kill each other.

For four seasons, the Tyler sisters stole your heart in What I Like About You.