Liquidating company nz

13-Jan-2017 22:40

After 15 working days has passed, the company will be considered insolvent and the creditor can make an application to the High Court to liquidate the company.

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If you’re the Director or Shareholder of a distressed business, Liquidation Management can help.At the very least, we take pride in the knowledge that our services make the process of closure, if that has to occur, a lot less trying financially, legally and emotionally.We are a team of genuinely passionate people and we think our knowledge of business insolvency can’t be matched.However, the earlier you seek professional help, the more likely it is that your business will survive.

KAURI SPRINGS AQUA LIMITED status has changed from Registered to In Liquidation on the. Posted February 23, 2018; 0 · BAYLIS MOTOR COMPANY CHRISTCHURCH LIMITED. BAYLIS MOTOR COMPANY CHRISTCHURCH LIMITED status has changed from Registered to In Liquidation on. Posted February 23.… continue reading »

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A solvent liquidation is where the company directors wish to cease the operation of the company and liquidate, generally upon the occurrence of an event as specified in the company's constitution, the company directors and generally with the shareholders vote on the question to appoint a Liquidator, with the difference.… continue reading »

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