Mandating travel policy

10-Jul-2017 05:58

We have an obligation to work in concert with our nursing organizations as well as our interprofessional care team colleagues to meet the agreed-upon educational standards of our profession.Putting this together, this video is a thought-provoking argument for the value of highly educated nurses taking healthcare out into the communities that need it most As compelling as this is, the ethical ramifications of mandating a BSN for entry into nursing goes beyond a comparison with education programs for other health professions, and a call to action to elevate nursing to practice to more autonomous, community-based roles.We must begin with the issue of nursing lagging behind most other health disciplines that have a Bachelors, Masters, or even Doctoral entry.With a shift in healthcare from the acute, in-patient setting out into the community, the nurse must be able to make clinical decisions independently, necessitating that the education be commensurate with this autonomy.There has been some loud opposition to this call for BSN entry, but they focus primarily on the barriers that advanced education will place on future nursing students, and the rush to address a predicted nursing shortage. However, as stated by the Association of Colleges of Nursing, “without a more educated nursing workforce, the nation’s health will be further at risk” (p.

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To begin, the source of policy should be informed by high quality evidence; appraisal of research should be a key ingredient when creating policy.

Inadvertent disclosure of a medical condition as a result of the same-room policy doesn’t fall under HIPAA.