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Please advise as soon as possible if you have time to review this paper by the NULL in order to avoid delays in the processing of this manuscript by accessing choose either accept or decline. From Natural Hazards Date 26 February 2011 Subject Registration message Mailed-by editorialmanager.comhide details 26 Feb (3 days ago)Dear Prof.Your username is: NMASTORAKIS-739Your password is: mastorakis33857We are looking forward to receiving your reply. Nan Zhang Managing Editor Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A I use to receive Spam from Springer Verlag. Nikos Mastorakis, You have just been registered by Prof. Thomas Glade, Editor in Chief, as user for Natural Hazards.END OF IEEE EMAIL I have received an email from my collaborator Mrs.Efi Gourgoura that the following WSEAS Journals have been accepted in Citeseer X as well as many many WSEAS Proceedings.MASSOUD PEDRAM, Editor-in-Chief (Ei C) MANUEL DELGADO-RESTITUTO, Deputy Ei C ENRICO MACII, 2010-2011 VP Publications, IEEE CAS-S GIANLUCA SETTI, 2010 President, IEEE CAS-S Volume 1, Issue 1 - Inaugural Edition Issue.jsp?

IEEE Conference Organizers and other IEEE Officers (like Gasacrh and Fotrnow that organize some IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity blamed the WSEAS for Spam some years ago. Hasn't IEEE accept several SCIgen papers in the thousand conferences that use the name of IEEE?

Many Organizers pay moneyreceive the Name and the Logotype of IEEE and then they start bombingus with much Spam.