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20-Mar-2017 08:50

If you want to add a field to the database, select Edit to open a view of the table.

Click the first vacant role to start adding a new field.

Because records are far more flexible than fields, you can change how records are viewed by using the icons on the right of the toolbar to sort all records in the table, in ascending or descending order, or to display only those you set in a filter.

If tables seem a forbiddingly cold way of working with a database—a good example of why you've shied from databases in the first place—you may prefer to design a form for editing records.

Be sure columns names are correct and that the data is granular enough.

Also, it looks like creating the primary key in the first window of the wizard, when prompted, is the only way to do it.

Otherwise, just as when you edit fields, you add new entries at the bottom.For other databases, you have three choices: editing the tables directly, using the form wizard to create a form or using the design view to create a form.Whichever way you create a form, you can then use it as a more user-friendly way to edit your database.The easiest way to design a form is using the Form Wizard.

To use the Form Wizard, select Forms from the Database pane, followed by Use Wizard to Create Form in the Tasks pane in the top middle of the window.

In addition, back in the main window, you have the option of adding a brief description of the new field in the unnamed third column.