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29-Jun-2017 09:38

Panama Today Panama is perhaps best known for the Panama Canal, an achievement of mankind which linked the West to the East and took months off travelling time from Europe to Asia.With American funding, the canal opened in 1914 and is currently being expanded.This project could double the Canal’s capacity and is expected to be completed by 2015.Thanks to its strategic importance and booming industries, Panama is an attractive place to do business.

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Panama Business Part 1 – Working in Panama: Working practices in Panama Panamanian business etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts) DO begin conversations with small talk. DO remember to use titles when talking to your Panamanian colleagues. It is essential to understand Panamanian culture and society prior to doing business there.Panamanian Culture – Key Concepts and Values – Family ties and relationships are very important in Panama.Panama is heavily investing in infrastructure which has led to high economic growth in the last years. Panamanian business people appreciate a follow-up thank-you note but gift-giving is uncommon.

You should mention political events to show you are up-to-date with local events. Panama Culture Quiz – Answers. 1. True. The US has had a big influence on Panamanian culture. 2. False. Panamanian business people appreciate a follow-up thank-you note but gift-giving is uncommon. 3. True. English language ability is.… continue reading »

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I'm dating a Panamanian American man, he's cultured & spent his childhood summers there. He still has family in Panama. I'm impressed by this site I pray for the people and that one day I will visit first hand to see the Panama Canal one of the wonders of the world in person. My romance with Panama began in my teens.… continue reading »

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Panamanians are a vibrant people with strong social and cultural customs.… continue reading »

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