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26-Jan-2018 21:01

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Maybe their bachelor pad is more like a college pad that never got past futon and coffee table to hold beer cans. And he’s always The Most Wanted, so he doesn’t need to try that hard, either.Or maybe they don’t want you around any “evidence” of their other relationship(s). If you’ve experienced one or several of the 9 Red Flags listed above, I highly recommend sparing yourself the boatloads of tears, anger, betrayal and resentment that are inevitably on their way and LOSE THIS LOSER before it’s too late and you’re merely another part of his collateral damage.

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The major sign here is whether he gets fidgety or uncomfortable when you ask or deflects and doesn’t answer your question.It took me over 6 full months of healing work after we separated to start to get grounded and come back to life- acupuncture, reiki, energy healers, intuitive readings, tarot cards, meditation, NLP, soul-retrieval, shamanic ceremonies…you name it, I did it.Yet no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t completely move past the anger or resentment into closure for myself.We all have some baggage and if we’re able to speak about it candidly in a trustworthy environment, then I’m all for it. Or write an article about it and publish it for the public to read 🙂 Either way, you’ll be helping yourself and/or women just like you to save themselves the EPIC HEARTBREAK that follows the E. I hadn’t spoken up about it because I was embarassed and humiliated about what had happened and feared being judged.

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But if the guy has more baggage than the luggage carousels at JFK airport during Christmas Break, you’re probably better off without him. If I’m such a great intuitive, how the hell did I fall for this? Well, two days after publishing the article, I ended up with a FULL-BLOWN case of tonsillitis and then laryngitis.

Unless he’s trying to keep his lies undercover, there’d be no reason to not be open and honest with you.