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16-Feb-2017 12:46

These days, Eric keeps the ladies (and children and puppies) away by sporting a personal style any serial killer would kill to have: Molly shot off an email to Gennie requesting a date in the fashion we figured would be typical of Eric: “We should hang out. Gennie, totally playing it cool and not seeming at all desperate for male attention, wrote back a long dissertation on how that would be, like, so totally awesome and here’s her cell number and her home number and just in case she doesn’t answer the phone and her voicemail isn’t working, here’s her work number too.Eric was out of town so we texted him Gennie’s number and instructed him to call her.Always afraid of the repercussions of disobeying Molly and I, Eric called her up right away and reported back: So with each beginning comes an end after all.In one sense my project has failed in that I was unable to find a good match for Eric.(It shows that you are vulnerable.) Some girls choose to go with darker hair because it is more natural looking and sets them apart.Or sometimes they just want to hook a guy who wears skinny jeans and attends poetry jams.Now, onto his good points, which is what I, as his matchmaker, will try to force him to focus on: He has a good sense of humor (well, he’s a real smartass, anyways) and a steady job and is too lazy to ever bother cheating on a girl.

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And don’t worry, even the most plain Jane can follow this plan – all you need is some disposable income (or a credit card) and minimal regard for your body.

The texture should be straw-like and ideally will break off with just a gentle touch.

Don’t worry about this, as extensions can be added to the remaining strands and despite their protests to the contrary, boys really do find it hot when a lump of your fake hair breaks off in their hand.

Many girls choose to simply loiter in a skanky workout outfit, occasionally patting away nonexistent sweat and making frequent trips to the water fountain to replace fluids they aren’t losing.

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Don’t forget to bleach your hair on a regular basis.Men consider it cute if your nails are too long to easily operate a pencil or fork. For sexy, dramatic eyebrows that say “I’m always surprised!No matter how naturally beautiful you are, the key to looking more beautiful is applying as much makeup as possible. ” shave off your natural brow (or permanently remove with depilatory creams) and paint it back on in a really high arch. (See: Pamela Anderson, above) When we last tuned in to Eric on his dating journey, led by the brilliant matchmakers otherwise known as myself and my friend Molly, we were disagreeing on the level of standards that should be set for Eric’s potential future mate.He looks like Stephen Baldwin when Stephen Baldwin was on and he has never, ever dated a female who was not a stripper. And it makes sense since the only public places he will visit are his office, the grocery store and strip clubs.