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Thus, an average recurrence interval derived from the geological record should be considered as a minimum figure.

The identification and age estimation of tsunami deposits represent a new and independent contribution to tsunami scenarios and modeling for coastal hazard assessment in Civil Protection applications.

The exceptional number of tsunami deposits found with this study allowed us to derive an average geologic tsunami recurrence interval in the Augusta Bay of about 600 years for the past 4 ka.

Conversely, the historical tsunami data for the past millennium suggest an average tsunami recurrence interval of about 250 years.

During several episodes aired in 1996, the characters of Laura Spencer and Stefan Cassadine traveled to a house in Rochester to find Laura's long presumed dead mother Lesley Webber.

The episodes in which this occurred suggested that Port Charles was a short driving distance from Rochester, though no actual distance was given.

However, in the mean time, the relationship between port and city has evolved.

New technologies and governance models have reignited the debate.

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The research was carried out through a multi-theme approach which benefited from an extraordinarily long historical record that we used to guide detailed geomorphologic and geologic surveys, coring campaigns and laboratory analyses.

The conference gives the opportunity to send contributions that later can be included in the program either as poster or presentations.