Problems updating ipod

08-May-2017 01:52

No matter what, this likely means that everything on the i Pod has been (or will be) erased, which means re-loading all your apps, music, and video content.

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It is a little daunting to see an error message like you did, but as long as your i Tunes library is safe then worse case you just have a few hours of waiting for everything to re-load.I can't get away from the screen indicating i Pod needs to connect to i Tunes.EDIT: Computer keeps attempting "re connection" every 10-15 mins switching i Pod from Apple logo and then back to all too familiar screen indicating i Pod Usually i Tunes will tell you something like "An i Pod has been detected in recovery mode ..." or something to that effect.Are you connecting directly to a USB port on your computer?

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Don't connect through a hub or any other intermediate USB port -- go directly to the computer. They do go bad, and now that I recall my issues with my i Pads I did change my Lightning cable to a different one right before things started working right (not sure though if that was the silver bullet). It could be that you need at least i Tunes 11 or 12 to work with i OS 8.The cable worked fine yesterday (only day I got to use it so far!) before this issue of attempting to update to i OS 8.I'm running Win 7 and I just received a 5th Gen i Pod Touch after having a 3rd Gen for many years.

Mar 28, 2016. Update Apple today posted a new version of the update, build 13E237, to fix the activation problem for all affected devices. the iPad Mini or iPod Touch lines, but according to this Twitter account that tracks iOS updates, the iPad Mini and Mini 2, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch are also affected.… continue reading »

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