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He was abusing her at Terrenceville (then known as Fortune Bay Bottom).

They took her into their home and protected her from him.

The mt DNA test showed that Elizabeth Saunders and Elizabeth (Joe) Blanchard share a direct maternal line with a genetic distance of 0. The Saunders and their descendants ended up staying there and settling.

If Mary Park Brooks mt DNA test comes back as sharing a direct maternal line also, it provides a little proof to their connection as I believe in the 1838/1839 list of inhabitants it says she was from Burin originally and is also where Elizabeth Saunders frequented. Apparently the matriarch of that family died in 1844 (according to a family history story published in the 1960s) over a hundred years old and was a great great great grandmother. Joseph’s, Placentia Bay (then known as Gallow’s Harbour).

There are lots of ships registered for the Piccos from Fortune Bay. The Piccos were no different, going between Bay d’Espoir, Fortune Bay and Placentia Bay. Still lots to figure out but we’ve definitely made some progress over the past few years putting things together.