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Charles was a complex and theatrical monarch, surrounded by rouged beauties with rich satin robes slipping off their white shoulders.You can see them all in this summer’s exhibition at Hampton Court Palace, The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned, where portraits of the king’s mistresses jostle for position around the royal bed.And some women simply didn’t get married at all, in such numbers that the terms “spinster” (to mean “unmarried woman” rather than someone who spins for a living) and “old maid” begin to appear.These women formed a significant new group in society.She was either a “maid” (not married yet), a wife, or a widow.

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She was powerful enough to depose a government minister like the Earl of Clarendon, and self-confident enough to be unfaithful even to the king. For the first time, we find his female favourites becoming companions and advisers as well as playmates.

It’s fun to imagine the tables being turned on Charles II, so well known for cutting a swath through the beauties of his court and consuming women like a combine harvester. But the defeated Clarendon vowed vengeance upon Barbara, warning her that: “You too, Madam, will grow old.” When the king’s eye wandered, the essential weakness of Barbara’s position was exposed.

It would be quite wrong to conflate the new prominence of women in court life with any kind of real female emancipation.

traces the Gibson Girl as she captured the admiration of both men and women with seductive yet thought-provoking humor in the early 20th century.

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Even though a century has passed since the provocative, yet comedic art touched millions of readers, many of the problems she tackled are still visible on today's stage.Many of the dilemmas of their lives sound strikingly modern. The answer to the last question is “plenty”, especially by comparison to the buttoned-up Puritan period immediately before the Restoration.When Charles II was restored to his father’s throne in 1660 – after Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth ran out of steam – it’s as if history turned Technicolor.PAAQT wants to again thank The Schwenkfelder museum in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania for a wonderful and educational visit. Quilt Alliance has launched a new web based quilt interview/show and the 1st episode is now available for all to view for free through the month of February.

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