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I get that it’s a good 1500 miles (one-way), but I would have been fine.It’s not like he knew where he was going any more than I did.It’s over 500 miles, but everybody’s cool with that because I’m going to visit my aunt, and I’ve been there before.I just want to say that I am super pumped for this trip. Swimming around, lounging on the pool steps to read, then getting out to read some more while I dried off. As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee place a few blocks from my apartment.It’s actually very scary and intimidating to allow yourself to be completely open with someone.

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It came to me that I had to acknowledge my loneliness, but that I am also able to cater to my own needs. I am just now becoming comfortable in my own skin, and living in a way that best suits me.I can be romantic, honest, present, and kind with myself.There always seems to be an issue I have to fix, but that’s part of self-development.The one whom I can share myself with, wholeheartedly, no holds barred. My favourite activity is exploring natural parks because I love seeing wildlife, breathing fresh air, and taking long walks. Most of all, I get to be selfish and bond with my favourite girl — me! Taking yourself out on a date is an avant-garde practice.

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