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City girls who grew up poor in ghettos and working class neighborhoods. If it was wrong or counterproductive, correct it so you don’t do it again with the next one. Don’t ask for another chance or tell her you’ll change. Don’t blow her off, be a jerk, be rude, or be arrogant. If you do that, word will get around about you, and women will avoid you. If you did something to cause it, find out what it is (you will know what it is). You must remember at all times: THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER WOMAN. If you approach and she rejects you, there will always be another. She will challenge you to see if you can stand up to her. And when she says this, politely bail out and move on. When (not if, WHEN) one breaks up with you, there will always be another. If she can withhold the sex, you can withhold the commitment. You will be happiest with a woman who is within a point up or down from your own SMV. They are all like this, despite their protestations that they are not. They decide when and under what circumstances sex happens. Your attractiveness to women depends secondarily on a few things: your environment, the ratio of men to women in your locality.

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But your attractiveness to women will depend primarily on the display you make to them: your body and how it looks, the confidence you have in yourself, your ability to dominate and influence situations, and your control over yourself and your circumstances. I do not care what anyone else has told you, or what you have learned in school. They do not approach sex or male-female relationships in the same way. Just say something like “I don’t want to date you anymore.” That’s all you have to do. You must accept these as facts of the dating and sexual market. The uptown girl with the designer clothes and Daddy’s Beemer. Whatever you do, DO NOT get hung up on the idea that this girl is the only one for you. I do not care what else you have heard or what others have told you. More insidiously, women would sometimes beg their partners to stop, then acquiesce and begin to enjoy the activity, regardless of how painful or debasing.