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23-Nov-2017 09:00

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Then there was no breakfast buffet there was no AC in the hotel only in the rooms if you turned it on !

The worst thing was there was no hot water everything in that hotel was broke it did not match the advertisement I’m still working on a resolution and I hope Priceline really takes it serious because I am and for all of you that I’ve had problems I suggest you get online get the number for the CEO and call him because I know the rest of Priceline does not care hopefully if people start contacting the CEO he will choose to make a difference !

I would assume that Priceline would be up on the vendor locations and times that customers are using to avoid any advercities while customers are on travel – NOT the case!

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Ok, so as a multimillion dollar company whose gotten thousands of dollars from me inthe past, you have no way of transferring a car reservation?

I spent hours on the phone with United airlines and Priceline and got nothing for Christmas but the run around.