Tang yan and roy qiu dating tattoo dating

13-Dec-2017 17:53

Upon reaching Roy’s place, Tia was visibly shocked when she spotted the paparazzi.

She immediately bent her body and hid her face behind the steering wheel.

Tiffany and Luo Jin did, after all, collaborated in four dramas together and rumors about their offscreen relationship have swirled around since Tiffany confirmed her breakup with Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) in early 2013.

The rumors were specific, ranging from secret marriages to secret hand-holding.

The series premiered on Anhui Television with the highest ratings of the year.

He also stressed, “It was just a pure gathering with the drama cast.” Tia also dismissed the rumours through her manager and said, “All friends will do this!

” In the meantime, Tiffany’s manager has blasted Roy and said, “Even till now, Roy has not mentioned about breaking up.

Her breakthrough role in this drama won her several awards and contributed to her rise as an actress where she was offered many roles for later projects.

Subsequently, she rose to fame after starring in the popular wuxia-fantasy drama Chinese Paladin 3, a prequel to Chinese Paladin and an adaptation from the video game of the same title.

Luo Jin did not leave the room until the following day when they had to resume work for Princess Weiyoung.

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