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05-Jun-2017 19:03

Long story short the check was not sent until December 28th, just a few days shy of two full months after my initial request to send the check.

The December 28th check never made it to its destination despite my verification of the address three times.

All their offerings are custom (possibly collusion going on here) solutions and none of them are available in the open market, as you would be able to invest in at almost any brokerage in your 401k or IRA.

Also, there is no cash account, so if there is some kind of collusion, they are forcing everyone to take a loss as if it was an accounting fee. They remind me of companies we hear about on American Greed.

Now I've waited 3 weeks for them to fix the problem and send back my over payment.

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But I have lost so much money in the time I've waited on them to fix THEIR mistake that the market has killed my account and the amount of my "withdrawal" has been severely diminished, and they are still taking my original "withdrawal" payments out of my check.

They are difficult to reach, lacking in intercompany communication, and a simple rollover should NOT be this complicated.

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