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30-Dec-2017 02:50

Though Win Zip Driver Updater lacks an OEM guarantee and an uninstall option, which are fairly significant features, the software did detect the second-largest number of drivers of any updater on our lineup.We like that it is so easy to use, but we were disappointed by its pop-up ads, limited customer support options and lack of modern operating system compatibility.The exclusion option lets you choose which drivers to update and which to leave for a future update, though the software doesn't seem to have an uninstall option for old drivers you don't need.Unfortunately, the software does have nag and pop-up ads for Win Zip products, which is annoying, unlike the best driver update software.One of the main reasons Wiz Zip isn't ranked higher is because of the included bloatware and the nagging pop-up ads.Win Zip Driver Updater is one of the easiest and most intuitive driver updater software programs we tested.Win Zip identified 111 of the 277 outdated drivers we installed on a test computer.

In either case, Win Zip will check for an update when you click OK; your choice affects the future operation of Win Zip's Check for Update feature.By comparison, Smart Driver Updater found the most drivers, and it only identified 126 for a success rate of 45 percent.However, a 40- and 45- percent success rate is still much better than a 21 percent one, which is what Driver Checker put up. It is having problems updating to Windows 10, version 1709.

It stops and tells me to uninstall "WINZIP 6.3-8.0" before it continues. Can not find it any were, task manager: Processes, or Services, on the hard drive, on . I have even went into c:\windows\Software Distribution folder and cleaned it out, after I stop wuauserv, and bits. Here’s the dialog that users see when they first run Win Zip, not ideal in a corporate environment: Fortunately the same guy built in a way to supress and even disable the update feature in Win Zip, however there are two locations in the registry to do this: Auto Mode will supress the updater and No Update Checking will actually disable the updater completely, removing the interface from Win Zip (Options / Configuration… If these values appear in the same key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER they will override the values set in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, so you may want to ensure they don’t exist in each users regsitry.Getting Started When you install Win Zip Driver Updater, the driver scan will start automatically. You can click 'Update All' to automatically update all outdated drivers on your PC.However, the site has a decent knowledgebase, which counters the lack of direct support methods a bit.